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Chart aggregator

The chart aggregator is one of the two ways Simplygon generates new UVs, the other being the Parameterizer. It aggregates UV charts from an already existing texcoord field into a new one in a shared atlas. It can be used by enabling the relevant settings in either the ReductionProcessor or AggregationProcessor, or run independently without casting new materials by using the standalone ChartAggregator tool.

The UVs for the baked materials can be created by the chart aggregator. It reuses all the input UVs but re-packs them in a combined texture atlas. The charts will be the same as in the original scene but moved and rotated. The user can choose to have the the UV charts' size adjusted based on the size of the model that is being textured (the UV space of a shoe texture will be smaller than the texture of a car.), or have it adjusted so that the size of the input textures determine the size of the output textures. The distance between the UV charts is determined by the gutter space.

Chart aggregator

If multiple objects in the scene have the same UVs and materials It is possible to either group the overlapping charts and only pack them once or to separate overlapping charts and pack every instance separately. For instance if a building has 100 instances of the same window (with the same texture coords and materials) either a single window's textures or all 100 instances will be packed into the unified atlas depending on the settings.

Chart aggregator

Chart aggregator modes

These modes determine the relative scale differences between the aggregated UV charts. Chart aggregator modes


The Chart aggregator can be used through the following entry points: