# Simplygon 9 Documentation

Simplygon SDK provides powerful 3d asset optimization algorithms that can be integrated into your 3d game assets pipeline, by either using Simplygon's native integrations with Autodesk Maya & 3ds Max and Unreal Engine 4 and Unity or using Simplygon APIs available in C++, Python and C#.

# What is new in Simplygon 9

Simplygon 9 contains several significant changes compared to previous versions of Simplygon.

# Python & C# APIs

In Simplygon 9, additional Python and C# APIs that mirrors C++ API are introduced, making Simplygon more flexible and integrable with custom scripts and 3rd party tools that support Python or C#.

# New remesher producing higher quality results

New remeshing processor with more intelligent hole filling & cavity removal and generally better quality results.

# Better support for kitbashing workflows

With possibility to merge objects while removing overlapping hidden geometry and at the same time retain original materials enables much more efficient kitbashing workflows

# Up to 10x faster new Maya and 3ds Max integrations

Totally new Maya & Max plugins (Max currently in preview) with integrated Simplygon UI that have significant performance improvements, up to 10x for certain type of assets.

# Standalone UE4 plugin (preview)

New standalone UE4 plugin (currently in preview) that works with vanilla UE4 engine, removing a need for tedious engine src code merging but also introducing ability to distribute LOD generation on arbitrary build system

# Unity integration (preview)

Totally rewritten and officially supported native Unity integration with integrated Simplygon UI

# More lightweight batching and processing distribution system

Rearchitected more lightweight batching and distributed processing system that can be used on arbitrary distributed build system, both 3rd party and in-house developed build systems.

# New updated documentation structure, examples and cleaner look and feel

Significantly updated documentation including new searchable and cleaner up-to-date API reference combined with more relevant examples and cleaner look and feel in general.