# Simplygon 3DS Max Plugin (Preview)

Simplygon comes with pre-built plugins for Autodesk 3DS Max 2017-2021, the UI- and scripting module, which allow users to work with Simplygon more fluently directly through Max.

The UI module expose a graphical user interface for setting up optimization settings (Pipelines), for example reduction, aggregation and material baking.

The scripting module exposes functions that can be accessed through MaxScript and Python, such as script functions for executing Simplygon, importing and exporting scenes, creating or modifying Pipelines (settings) and shading networks (for mapping of custom DirectX materials).

There is also a Simplygon Python API that supports various versions of Python, this API can be used directly through Python, also through Max, Maya and other tools that support Python. The Simplygon Python API can be used in combination with the scripting module, for example export the Max scene to file using exposed Simplygon script functions, then load the scene using the Simplygon Python API and modify data and / or optimize geometries as if using the standalone Simplygon C++ API.