# Simplygon 9.1 Release Notes

# Latest Simplygon 9.1 release 9.1.14300.0

  • Welcoming Simplygon Free users to Simplygon 9
  • Unity / USD
    • Added support for texture wrapping (repeat, clamp, mirror) to USD
    • Path, WrapMode and SRGB are now texture specific
    • Fixed issue when using Unity's Unlit shader (caused by invalid color values in USD)
    • Fixes for root node rotation and scaling issues
    • Always add base color when using automatic casters
    • Fix for metallic/smoothness automatic casters and material channel name
    • Added check for USD 2.0 installation status
    • Documentation updates
    • Knows issues:
      • Unity.USD.Export ignores SRGB - USD implementation limited to detecting normal maps
      • Unity.USD.Import ignores WrapMode - USD fully support WrapMode
      • Unity.USD does not export offset and tiling - USD does not seem to support these
  • Blender
    • Fix crash when processing an asset without basecolor texture in Blender
    • Added warnings for unsupported material channels
    • Added checkboxes to the different reduction targets for StopCondition to function properly
    • Added processing progress tracking
    • Fixed automatic material casters
    • Fixed SingleViewImpostor view direction
    • Material caster deserialization fix
    • Fixes for processing issues with cascaded and non-cascaded processings
    • Documentation updates
  • Maya
    • Removed length limit of field names for UVs and vertex colors
  • GLTFExporter
    • Fix for opacity in basecolor alpha channel
    • Fix crash when exporting asset without basecolor texture
  • Add ability to run Simplygon Grid Agent as a service
  • Add option for setting FBX file format version when using FBXExporter
  • Added possibility to zoom images in documentation
  • Fix crash when trying to run a remeshing with ERemeshingMode::Inside on a mesh without an inside
  • Fix crash when processing in Houdini (add support for GlobalAttributes in bgeo files)
  • Fix material section info when processing static meshes via LOD recipes in UE4

# Older Simplygon 9.1 releases

# 9.1.9100.0

  • Support passthrough of animation data in glTF
  • Read access violation fix
  • Houdini plugin fixes;
    • Fix memory leak in HoudiniExporter
    • Fix for missing temp dir in HDA scripts
    • Added early check for triangulated input in HoudiniImporter
    • Fix for temp dir cleanup
  • Changes to ERemeshingMode::Manual due to known issues with the implementation in 9.1 (will be fixed in 9.2). See ERemeshingMode for more information.
  • UE plugin fixes;
    • Fix, incorrect section info mapping when using reduction pipeline from LOD Recipe
    • Fix, crash when using the plugin without a valid license
    • Fix, material baking settings was not reset correctly when removing all material property casters
    • Fix, reset mapping image settings when material baking is disabled
    • Chart aggregator is now using correct default values (same as aggregation)
    • Added LOD streaming settings to LOD Recipe
  • Fix serialization of tangent space global settings
  • General Unity plugin improvements related to material mapping, transparency, skinning and impostor processor support. Upgrade to Unity.USD 2.0.
  • General Blender plugin improvements including UI cleanup, progress tracking and normal maping fixes etc.
  • Improved memory usage for long running processes using Simplygon
  • Fixed issue with MaxEdgeLength causing bad outputs. Default is now REAL_MAX and setting removed from integration UIs.

# 9.1.6600.0

  • Support for Unity USD package 2.0
  • Fixed crash when appending packed geometry with very few vertices
  • Fixed issue with OpacityInAlpha in color caster

# 9.1.6200.0

# 9.1.5200.0

  • glTF texture packing improvements
  • Fixed crash in legacy remesher

# 9.1.4100.0

  • Blender 2.91 support
  • Fix for 3ds Max multi-material mapping issue
  • Fix for morph target issue
  • Unity impostor fix

# 9.1.3200.0

  • Blender fixes
  • glTF texture name handling

# Initial release (9.1.2600.0)

# Major updates

  • Standalone UE4 plugin
  • New impostor processor
  • Autodesk 3ds Max plugin (Max 2021 in preview)
  • FASTBuild and Incredibuild support
  • New integrations as previews: Blender, Houdini & Unity
  • New file formats: USD and Alembic

# Simplygon API updates

  • Ability to use opacity as transparency in material casters
  • Foliage processor is now part of impostor processor type: billboard cloud
  • Added posibilty to add meshes to CameraSelectionSets
  • Visibility support in new remeshing processor
  • Added method to dump a settings object as JSON
  • Added geometry field shading node
  • Added missing rotation methods to texture shading node interface

# Pipeline updates

  • Added batch API
  • Added support for metadata in pipeline settings
  • Added cascaded pipeline support in pipeline settings path
  • Arbitrary pipeline in cascade mode as intermediate
  • New setting for unique material names in pipelines

# Max plugin updates

  • Camera support for visibility
  • Automatic export of active selection sets
  • New impostor pipeline
  • Added support for legacy INI settings
  • Added support for physical material system in Max 2021 preview

# Maya plugin updates

  • Camera support for visibility
  • Automatic export of active selection sets
  • New impostor pipeline
  • ShaderFX/Stingray PBS documentation
  • Added support for legacy INI settings

# File format updates

  • Support for glTF KHR_texture_transform
  • Skinning support for glTF
  • glTF: Support for separate wrap modes
  • Support for Alembic and USD