# Basic headless installation

The Simplygon installer supports installing Simplygon on the command-line. By passing /? or /help to the executable from e.g. PowerShell, the available options are printed to the terminal.

> Start-Process .\SimplygonSDK_9.0.0.0.exe /help

Component switches:
  /nomaxplugins     Skip installation of Autodesk 3ds Max preview plugins
  /nomayaplugins    Skip installation of Autodesk Maya plugins
  /nopythonpackage  Skip installation of Simplygon Python package

Other installer switches:
  /quiet            Run installer in command-line mode
  /uninstall        Uninstall Simplygon from the system
  /help             Show this help screen
  /?                Show this help screen

It is recommended to run the installer using the Start-Process cmdlet (together with the -Wait parameter) in PowerShell. If -Wait is not used, the installer executable will return immediately which can cause the output from the installer to get scrambled or lost.

> Start-Process .\SimplygonSDK_9.0.0.0.exe -Wait

In the example below we are launching and waiting for a command-line based installation without Autodesk Maya plugins.

> Start-Process .\SimplygonSDK_9.0.0.0.exe -ArgumentList "/quiet","/nomayaplugins" -Wait