# Environment variables

During the installation of Simplygon (either by using the installer or when performing a manual advanced installation), there are environment variables that are required to be set up on the computer for Simplygon to work properly and/or to customize where Simplygon stores and retrieves files from. These environment variables are explained in detail below.


Remember to restart any programs (including their parent processes) using Simplygon if changing any of the environment variables, since such changes are not picked up by already running processes.

Variable name Variable contents Default value Description
SIMPLYGON_9_PATH Absolute path %PROGRAMFILES%\Simplygon\9 Set SIMPLYGON_9_PATH to a path where all the binaries that make Simplygon run (like Simplygon.dll and SimplygonBatch.exe etc.) are located.
SIMPLYGON_9_TEMP Absolute path %LOCALAPPDATA%\Temp\Simplygon SIMPLYGON_9_TEMP should be set to a path that can be used by Simplygon to store temporary intermediate files during processings.
SIMPLYGON_9_SHARED Absolute path %USERPROFILE%\Documents\Simplygon\9 Simplygon will look for shared resources (like saved pipelines) in the directory that SIMPLYGON_9_SHARED is set to.