# Simplygon Unity Plugin

Simplygon's new Unity plug-in has finally left the preview stage. By releasing the Simplygon Unity plug-in we hope to reach out to even more people. The plug-in is now available for all license types, including Free.

Simplygon comes with a pre-built plug-in for Unity 2019 / 2020 LTS (opens new window) which exposes optimization features such as Reduction, Aggregation, Remeshing, Impostor (SingleView, BillboardCloud / Vegetation), Occlusion meshes as well as material baking for standard shaders.

Visibility culling (through cameras / visibility volumes) and clipping geometries (through SimplygonSelectionSet component) are two main features we have been focusing on, as well as preservation of skinning for (humanoid) assets.

For a full list of Simplygon supported features please consult supported feature table.

The Simplygon Unity plug-in is built with USD (Universal Scene Description) (opens new window) as intermediate file format and is dependent on the Unity USD package. Please see installation instructions for more details.

There is also scripting support against the Simplygon C# API, for more customized solutions.