# Unreal Engine 5 plugin

Simplygon's Unreal Engine 5 plugin provides all the necessary tools to generate LODs for your Unreal Project. The plugin exposes a graphical user interface, the Simplygon (Python) API, as well as the ability to access features through Commandlets.

# Features

The Simplygon plugin exposes the following features:

  • Static Mesh LODs
  • Skeletal Mesh LODs
  • HLOD (we are looking into World partitioning + HLOD)
  • Level LODs
  • Standin LODs
  • Recipes
  • Batching
  • Commandlets
  • Sampling visibility from NavMesh
  • Cutting planes and geometry

For a complete list of supported Simplygon features, see the feature table.

# Supported Unreal Engine 5 versions

  • 5.0.x
  • 5.1.x