# Normal repairer

The normal repairer can be used to either repair invalid normals, or recalculate new normals for an entire scene. It is usable through the NormalCalculationSettings on the ReductionProcessor, the HardEdgeAngle setting on the RemeshingProcessor, or with the standalone NormalRepairer tool.

New normals are generated for the geometry based on the angle between the triangles. It can either be set to only fix the broken normals or be set to generate new normals for the entire model.

Normal repairer

If two triangles' angle difference is larger than the hard edge angle cutoff value then there will be a distinct hard shading border between the triangles. If the angle is below the threshold value there will be a smooth continuous normal instead.

Normal repairer

Here we show the per fragment tangent space normals for a model before and after we compute two sets of new normals with different hard edge angles.

Normal repairer

Here we look at only the geometry normals after a reduction with normal recalculation at different hard edge angles.

Normal repairer

# Usage

The Normal repairer can be used through the following entry points:

# Simplygon API example

This example shows how to use the Reduction processor with normal calculation settings.