# Bone reducer

The bone reducer can increase performance by removing leaf bones and weights from geometry, since fewer transformations need to be calculated per frame. The bone reducer is used by enabling the relevant settings in BoneSettings on either the ReductionProcessor or the RemeshingProcessor.

Simplygon is able to reduce the number of bones used in animation by re-linking vertices to different bones. The user can both select a maximum number of bones allowed per vertex and limit the total number of bones used in the scene. Simplygon can either automatically detect which bones are best suited to be removed, or the user can manually select which bones to keep or remove.

Bone reducer

# Manual bone removal

The bones to remove are automatically detected but it is also possible to force bone removal and keep bones from being removed:

  • Force bone removal
    Will remove that bone (and all the bones descendant to that bone) by re-linking all the vertices' bone-ids to other bones.

  • Bone lock
    Will make sure that bone (and all its ancestors) is kept.

# Usage

The Bone reducer can be used through the following processors: