# Max material nodes

# Introduction

Simplygon Max plugin currently implements a subset of material nodes. Below are both tables for supported material nodes and blendmodes for standard material in Max 2020 (and previous versions) and physical material in Max 2021 and later. Supported material nodes will be exported/baked/imported automatically as long as there is a caster for the specific material channel.


  • Unsupported material nodes will fallback to use material color (or scripted overrides).
  • Only normalmaps are supported on the Bump-channel.
  • Only first level material nodes will be exported.

# Supported material nodes

Name Level of Support Notes
Bitmap Complete
Normal Bump Partial Additional-bump, Channel Direction and Method are currently unsupported. Imported normalmaps will be connected to a NormalBump node.
Composite Partial Color correction settings are currently unsupported. Currently 'Normal' is the only supported blendmode.
RGB Multiply Complete
RGB Tint Complete

# Troubleshoot

  • Color overshoot might be noticed in Max viewport/renderer due to different color ranges, baked textures will be correct.