# Basic installation

# Download installer

Download the Simplygon installer (SimplygonSDK_<version>.exe) from the Simplygon website (opens new window).

# Run installer


The installer needs to be run as Administrator, since it requires writing to the registry.

When running the installer, the required software dependencies for running Simplygon will be installed together with the different components that composes the Simplygon SDK.

Default Simplygon installation directory is %PROGRAMFILES%\Simplygon\9.

A log of the installation will be written next to the installer EXE unless that folder is write protected, in which case the log will be written to %TEMP%.


Customized setup (Optional)

By clicking the Customized setup link next to the installer button, it is possible to customize the setup. Select which components should be installed and hit Install.

Customized setup link

By clicking the Default setup link, the default components will be installed. By default, all components are selected for installation. Customized setup

# Max/Maya Plugins

The installer detects and installs supported Max/Maya plugins automatically.

# Python package

See the Python API for more info.

# Start Simplygon Grid Agent automatically

To setup the Simplygon Grid Agent to start automatically with the system, check this box. By default, the Grid Agent is not started automatically.

# Install license key

If the installer detects that no license key is yet installed on the system, it will automatically start the Simplygon License Application to let you install a license key.