# Simplygon 9 Documentation

Simplygon SDK provides powerful 3D asset optimization algorithms that can be integrated into your 3d game assets pipeline, by either using Simplygon's native game engine and DCC integrations or using Simplygon APIs available in C++, Python and C#.

# What is new in Simplygon 9.1

Simplygon 9.1 brings several major updates compared to Simplygon 9.0 listed below. More detailed information can be found in release notes.

# Preview -> Public: Standalone UE4 plugin

New standalone Simplygon UE4 plugin, reducing need for tedious Unreal Engine 4 source code merging, has been brought from preview to public in Simplygon 9.1 release.

# New impostor processor

Totally revamped impostor processor to be used vegetation and flat surface objects. Read more about how to get started with new impostor processor for two different use cases in these two blog posts:

# FASTBuild and Incredibuild support

In addition to our native lightweight distributed build system Simplygon Grid we have in Simplygon 9.1 added support for commercial Incredibuild (opens new window) and open source FASTBuild (opens new window) build systems enabling more options for optimization processes distribution.

# New file formats: USD and Alembic

Support for two new file formats has been added in Simplygon API: Alembic (opens new window) and USD (opens new window) expanding our file format support to: FBX, USD, glTF, Alembic and OBJ in the Simplygon API.

# New plugins: Unity, Blender & Houdini

With Simplygon 9.1 and new Unity, Blender and Houdini integrations we have taken huge steps bringing Simplygon to a wider 3D games community. The Unity plugin left the preview stage with the release of Simplygon 9.1 Free. Blender and Houdini integrations are still in preview so we'll love to hear back from you and evolve these integrations based on your feedback.

# What is new in Simplygon 9.0

Simplygon 9 contains several significant updates compared to previous versions of Simplygon.

# Python & C# APIs

In Simplygon 9, additional Python and C# APIs that mirrors C++ API are introduced, making Simplygon more flexible and integrable with custom scripts and 3rd party tools that support Python or C#.

# New remesher producing higher quality results

New remeshing processor with more intelligent hole filling & cavity removal and generally better quality results.

# Better support for kitbashing workflows

With possibility to merge objects while removing overlapping hidden geometry and at the same time retain original materials enables much more efficient kitbashing workflows.

# Up to 10x faster new Maya and 3ds Max integrations

Totally new Maya & Max plugins (Max 2021 currently in preview) with integrated Simplygon UI that have significant performance improvements, up to 10x for certain type of assets.

# Standalone UE4 plugin (preview)

New standalone UE4 plugin (currently in preview) that works with vanilla UE4 engine, removing a need for tedious engine src code merging but also introducing ability to distribute LOD generation on arbitrary build system.

# Unity integration (preview)

Totally rewritten and officially supported native Unity integration with integrated Simplygon UI.

# More lightweight batching and processing distribution system

Rearchitected more lightweight batching and distributed processing system that can be used on arbitrary distributed build system, both 3rd party and in-house developed build systems.

# New updated documentation structure, examples and cleaner look and feel

Significantly updated documentation including new searchable and cleaner up-to-date API reference combined with more relevant examples and cleaner look and feel in general.